Since July therapeutic session are combined, online and face to face sessions. The idea of teletherapy is an adjustment to avoid physical contacts in the pandemic situation and to assure therapy services continuity for children with disabilities.

At first we were skeptical of this idea because we feared we wouldn’t adopt with this new communication. In fact it’s going very well and approximately fifteen children and their parents are direct beneficiaries of this project.

There are precious moments during video calls.

It’s heartwarming to see how the voice of the therapist grabs the attention of the children with autism. As they hear the voice and see the face, they start to wear their beautiful smile although they don’t understand everything it’s happening in the online therapy session. They know their therapists and

The sessions are combined and therapists get to meet at least once a week the children and parents. Of course it’s hard to meet all the expectations for positive results in the children but we’re comfortable with the fact they’re not losing knowledge and skills they have learned so far. Another positive result is the parents approach. Since they have to follow therapist’s guides at home they’re learning more about their children.

Most importantly they’re playing and scheduling a certain time when they’re going to play and learn with their children. It’s still a process and a lot to be improved but they’re learning more and gaining more skills on how to help their children progress. This is a summary on this new project.

Actually the times we’re living in are teaching us that every difficult situation is also a step to new opportunities and new paths to follow learn and grow.