Summer School was an important project for the community, considering the covid 19 situation of pandemic.

The objective of this program was to help children recall and strengthen all the knowledge and information they from online classes. Online communication was difficult and not effective for most of the children. They had a lot of gaps in their knowledge and this was obvious since the first day.Summer school was expected with lots of enthusiasm from all of the children.

We had different groups, ages 6-14 years old. It lasted four weeks, two weeks with each of them.Each group had 20-25 children, applying the measures for physical distance. The children participated actively in the lesson time and in the other activities.

Through games and competition they started to get on track in their level of knowledge.

Another goal was to build up a daily routine for them. Because they were in quarantine they lack activities and they didn’t have a day scheduled. This was quite a challenge for Flori and Joana. They use to stay up all night watching movies and they came late and tired at summer school. The teachers tried to raise awareness on how important was sleep and rest in their age and by motivating them to come on time they really stared to change schedule. This was very encouraging story for the teachers.

The same instructions were given to other children too. The activities and the games were attractive to the children and they started to come on time in the  morning.Of course their favorite time was in the outdoor activities.

They were engaged, they wanted to have and organize their own creative ideas too.

At the end, the children expressed positive feeling about the time in summer school and very happy if it could last even longer . It was a pleasure also for the staff to work in this project and be part of a great atmosphere.