One Family

Over the period of 365 days we have experienced many things:  the busy days of work, the requirement of the people that rely on us, the family and our obligation, joy and sickness, achievements and failures and the list goes on…

This year the Slogan of many financial corporation or mobile companies was “One Family”: it is obvious the need of this society to have a family, but to be part of that Family in these institutions was costly.

2017 years ago, a baby came to make us part of One Family with a single way to pay: heart open, mind acceptance, and free will. We can feel we are part of that family, even miles away, we feel connected by the spirit.

In the old patriarch times they aimed to have a large family as a sign of strengthens, in the difficult times they could rely on each other, in good harvest they could bless each- other, and in celebration having a big family is a real joy.

As the years goes by, it is our responsibility to represent well the Divine family we belong to, so we could enlarge it, and many more people can feel the comfort and the dignity to be part of that.

We feel blessed to be part of that family together of all these years.

Global Care Albania is wishing you an enjoyable Christmas and a blessed New Year 2017

Evis and GCA teamdsc09235