Last Month has been hard to handle for everyone, but especially for the families where only one or in the worst cases, none is employed.
Our work is for families in need in Bathore and Kamza area. As always Roma Community’s families have been in our focus during the pandemic we’re all experiencing. They make their living by collecting different material from the rubbish bins and also by begging in the streets.
Being in the lockdown both these activities are not allowed and that means that there’s not food in the table for many weeks. We have received many calls to help them with food parcels. They’re experiencing a very hard time since they have no other source of incomes.
In these conditions providing the basic needs of the family becomes the most crucial one. For the past month in collaboration with the local office in Kamza have been evaluating and identifying the families most in need. Kamza Municipality includes a several areas such as Bathore, Laknas, Zall Mner,Paskuqan Valias.
The population of this municipality is created mostly by families coming from the north Albania for a better future in the area close to the capital Tirana. A certain percentage of this population is monthly, financially supported by the government. It’s a modest amount that obviously is less than enough to meet the needs, especially for the families with many members.
Another source of family finances in this area, it’s the work in construction field or in factories. Due to isolation working has been expelled for this families. This is the background in Kamza area and also the reason why delivering flour packages has been important.
During these weeks we have delivered 100 flour packages by responding so to the emergent request of these families.

One of the families is the one of X in the area of Paskuqan. She’s a full time mother of 5 children and she take care of them every day. The income is mostly provided by her husband not regularly working in construction, mostly in emigration. We know her for 2 years and she’s really in need. One of the issues at her family is the constant domestic violence from her husband. Often she experiences stress and anxiety episodes that make difficult to raise and take care of her children. By being in the lockdown situation, it means her husband is always at home. In other circumstances that would be great that the family would be together but unfortunately not in this case. Apart from the stress that she needs to provide for her children she has to handle the difficult relationship with her husband.

Donating the food parcels for this family is like relieving a heavy burden from a suffering mother and easing the days for the kids too.
That’s why flour and other food packages are such a great need for this family.

Seeing her face lighting and her children enthusiastic by the food packages is a great joy for us. This family and the others also have been very grateful and thankful for the help.
Overall it’s amazing to see mothers who would put a smile on their faces just because they could provide the daily bread for the next days.
We hope and pray that the situation will be over soon and that also we can be help and support for each family in need.