Physical distance due to covid 19 pandemic creates many problems in the process of therapy services. There are 15 patients taking therapeutic service (physical therapy, speech therapy) in the day care center ‘Dite e Re’’.
As every institution is promoting physical distance we think teletherapy is a good option to continue therapy through online communications. These are patients taking the treatment for a long time and cutting of this service means regress in their physical and mental development.
Teletherapy is a safe alternative for the patients and their parents. Through online communications; video calls, images children and parents are in contact with their therapists to continue their treatment.
The group targeted comes from vulnerable families who can’t take this treatment in other clinics and have no other options.
The difficult economic and social conditions, adding the lock down issue make the parent to lose focus in the therapy importance. Therefore it’s important to create such a system which keeps the parents accountable for their therapy instructions. Through this method the children progress is maintained in the right level.
The project started in the middle of July and it’s going really well.
Mothers are more confident about their ability to work with their children at home.
This project is supported by UNDP Albania.