When you’re working for children’s development you have to be vigilant in order to see progress and success. That’s what we’ve done with Rean.  He’s been part of our therapeutic programs several years.  Since one year ago he’s coming to the kindergarten group.
During this time he has learned new skills and behaviors. At first he used to cry when he came in therapy session. Now that has changed.  He’s familiar with our environment and adopted with the staff.  On his first days he used to stay alone but now he likes his friends and gives them affection. The basic instructions and concepts are not unknown for him anymore.
Certainly, there’s more to achieve but we believe each milestone is a reason to celebrate.
 This is a project in collaboration with Caritas Albania on the project Societies ” Support Of CSOs In Empowering Technical skills, Inclusion of people with disabilities and Eu Standards in Western Balkans, 2nd phase”