‘’Education is what remains after one has forgotten what he learned at school!’’

We believe that education is one of the keys to reach out change.
We saw the great need children have for a special attention while they study.
Learning disabilities, dyslexia, other attention disorders and hyperactivity are
common communities school. That’s an issues for teachers at public schools,
parents at home but mostly children find it difficult to handle.
As this vicious circle goes on, it’s the child who’s in central position and all the
consequences are over him. Despite this, in every difficult child we love to see
potential rather than the problem. This is why the problem started. The teachers
at the center have a close relationship with every child in the class. They know
their character and also have a relationship with their families. Through games
and social activities we see them developing day by day.
The purpose of this work us to help children find themselves, use their strength
and healthy mind to manage better the situations around him and become a
better community member for the tomorrow.


  1. Daily meetings
  2. Special courses
  3. Parent meetings
  4. Providing school supplies for the kids
  5. Different celebrations