Global Care Albania started working with disabled kids back in 2011. The project includes physiotherapy, development therapy and logopedy offered for free and the target group of this project are kids from families with economical difficulties where the possibility to get such treatment is very difficult and even impossible in some cases. “Lots of love, respect and health improvement for the disabled kids”; this is the slogan of the professional staff working on this project.

The main goal of the project is to help the disabled kids develop and raise self-esteem;  inform and encourage the mothers in taking care properly for these special kids.

Activities :

  1. Manual therapy
  2. Development therapy and logopedia
  3. Monthly consults with a general physician
  4. Occupational therapy
  5. Updating the work-plan every 3 months
  6. Entertaining activities in and out of the center (celebrations; park visits)

Informing meetings/ training with the mothers