‘’All grown-ups were children once…but only few remember it’’!
There are more than 25 children age group 3-6 years old who are attending day
care. Poverty, poor mentality, social issues, violence, lack of attention is the
background where these children are growing.
The studies and researches show evidence that children’ early emerging behave
styles can foretell their characteristic behaviors, thoughts and feelings as adults
pointing at foundations of the human personality in these early years of life.
Considering this fact and their family background we have chosen especially
these children. By investing in them it’s like keeping them away of any future
criminal behaviors, street situations or any mental health disorder. We focus on
helping them to build a good character and personality. We want these children
to contribute positively in the community. GCA is committed to invest on
offering the best service for these children. As most of them lack the basic food
and clothes we’re happy that the daycare is like a comfortable home for them in
which they’re loved and cared in all ways.
We are inspired that as we work with this generation today we’re serving the
community for tomorrow.