Our Vision: ‘’We can’t change the world but we can make a world different for a child!’’

Our Mission: ‘’To see children and families of the community growing and
developing physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually!’’


GCA is a child at risk organization. The work in Albania started in 1999 after the war in Kosovo. A Survey in the streets of Tirana for the children who were selling cigarettes took us to an area called Bathore. Bathore lies in the suburbs of Tirana, and it is created from illegal migration of the people mostly from the rural and isolated parts of Albania.

The poverty, the social and economical problems were so severe, that made GC start a program with children and parts of their life, like: family, school and society.

One of the challenges GCA faced 12 years ago was the vulnerably of children and women. Today little progress is made toward that; Most of the investments of the society have rapidly and drastically gone on the bricks and facades, but despite this cover the problems haven’t change. The violence and aggressiveness toward women and children remains the same.

That is the reason that GCA is willing and putting all the efforts to have a world of difference.

In 2001 GCA was established in Bathore with a community centre were all the activities were held.

A new community centre in another neighborhood of Bathore was inaugurated on the 1st of November 2013.